Starting a blog is not a difficult task, you can build it by just following simple three steps that are mentioned in the following lines.

Step 1: Domain Name & Web Hosting:

if you really want to operate a blog then there are two ways to do so. First of all you can host it on some web based platform while the second option is to create your own domain name and self-hosted platform. The prior option is free but don’t make a decision in hurry as free isn’t always good. This is the reason most of famous bloggers went to the second option.

Domain name is actually a name for you blog. You can see as well as touch it. It is in the form of characters and nothing else. It gives an identity to your blog or website. To get a domain name, you are required to get it register with Name Cheap or GoDaddy. GoDaddy is the world’s biggest registrar and you can choose it without any doubt. On the other hand Name Cheap is also good to go with as it provides its services free for first year and later on it charges but its cheaper compared to GoDaddy.

After getting domain name, there is a need to choose a hosting platform. You can choose InMotion, Site ground or iPage. The last one is highly recommended.

Step 2: WordPress: Install it

After making payment to iPage you get access to your blog. Now login and come to your admin portion. From this place you can control all the aspects of hosting account. iPage allows you to install WordPress in two ways. Simply go to its site and download it. On the other side you can also manually install it. Both methods of installation of WordPress are simpler and easier. See this video for more info.

Step 3: Write Blogpost:

After installing WordPress you would be in a position to get a URL for your blog. Once you get it, you are able to write on your blog and publish it. Now you are blogger and make your blog more attractive by using different ways. There are several techniques that you can use to attract visitors on your site and earn handsome amount of money. But as a blogger now its your duty to post only reliable and trustworthy information. Because in this way visitors will like to come on your blog again and again.

In short, these are three easy ways to create an attractive blog and start writing on it. Payed blogger sites are more reliable compared to free one. If you want to write for your blog then never make a mistake to get it for free. Because there are high chances of its manipulation. You can also check iPage reviews sites that will help you to learn that how you can create an amazing blog with it. Definitely you have to pay to iPage for the web hosting services that its providing to you. After making the payment you will get access to your blog.

Always visit for more info.

Website Hosting

It has to be one of the most common asked questions in the web business field: “Who offers the Best Website Hosting?” Its a difficult question to answer because one person might be looking for different features from a web hosting company than another person might. It’s an extremely subjective topic, however there is some common ground that most people can agree on when looking for the best website hosting.

First and foremost, you want to be looking at a host who has built a strong reputation throughout the years. This is an industry that gets more than its fair share of fly by night hosts. They don’t put any money into providing a quality service for their customers.

Unfortunately, these kind of hosting companies are becoming more and more common throughout the years. The good news is they usually don’t last very long. Once common complaints are heard about a host, their reputation is shot and they eventually close up shop.

One thing to look at is how long the hosting company has been around? Usually, the longer they have been around the better. This is not always the case, (unfortunately there is no 100% in this business) but its generally a good rule of thumb.

You also need to know that the host uses solid and reliable servers. This is the backbone of any web site. You can have greatest web site in the world and it means absolutely nothing if the site is constantly crashing. Not too many people think about this when they are planning on building a site. They often think about their niche, how they are going to get traffic, and so on, but it means nothing without a reliable server to keep your site up in cyberspace. Try to find companies that offer some kind of uptime guarantee, most preferably a 99.9% uptime.

Another important factor is the customer service of the web host. Look, eventually you are going to have to call them. Even with the best website hosting you’re going to run into some kinks. It happens to all of us. It’s just the nature of the beast.

You have to know that you can contact the company 24/7. Think about it. If your website is open for 24 hours a day, shouldn’t your host be available 24 hours a day? If you don’t see that from a host, don’t even bother reading anything else they have to offer. 24 hours customer support should be available by phone, email, or online chat.

Website Hosting

If you are contacting them through the phone, you don’t want to be waiting in the queue for hours on end trying to reach a customer service representative. If this happens to you, it could mean several different things. It could mean that the company is understaffed. It doesn’t want to put money into their customer service and they don’t mind if customers are waiting on the line for a couple hours. It could also mean that several customers are having the same problem as you, and they are on the line waiting as well. Either way, it shouldn’t instill a lot of confidence in you.visit for more details.

If you can find a company that offers reliable servers with respected customer service, then you might have a winner. If not you might want to keep looking.

web hosting plan

The internet seems to have an endless amount of reviews, articles and opinions about which web host to choose. Web hosts jockey to be the fastest, most reliable, or cheapest service. The sheer number of companies, features, packages and technical terminology can easily overwhelm users inexperienced with web hosting.

Cost of Hosting

A vast majority of people end up choosing their website host based on price. While budget is of course a priority, most people change webhosts because of service or performance. Try to focus in on hosts that rate well with customer support and network performance.

Nothing is more infuriating than waiting for your own website to load, or staring at a “page cannot be found” error message for 24 hours while you wait for a response from your website host. The truth is, most webhosts that compete in the shared hosting market are competitive in pricing and most offer some basic plan for $5 or less per month.learn additional details  at

Start with the basics

Begin by disregarding 90% of the listed features. Know what you need in a web host. Be realistic in the features you require, the traffic you expect to receive and technologies you plan to utilize. If you look at the features listed on any host’s website on average there are over 75 items listed. A novice who wants to start a personal blog will need no more than 5 of the features listed. Know which features YOU will use and actually need is key.

Choosing the Host

Most visitors to will find shared hosting more than sufficient for their needs. This market offers affordable, full-featured hosting for under $10/month. Go to our Shared Hosting page for more detailed information about shared website hosting.

If that’s the case than what separates the good ones from the bad ones? Like any service-based industry, it’s all about personal experiences. I have been developing websites for over 12 years and would safely estimate trying over 40 web hosts in that time. I think I can also safely say that I have experienced downtime with EVERY one of them at one point or another. On the other hand, I have never used all the storage provided to me.

web hosting plan

Only twice in a decade have I run into a server performance issue and they were both for extremely resource intensive custom applications. Based on that, you can see why most hosts offer Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth, you’ll never use enough of either for them to be worried about it. However, none advertise 100% up-time. 99.9% up-time is the industry standard. This equates to about 45 minutes of downtime per month. Personal websites, blogs and even informational business websites can live with 45 minutes of downtime.

If you don’t like it, try another

Don’t be afraid to change web hosts. I don’t know any reputable webhost that does not offer some sort of money back grace period to try out their service.

Web Hosting company

When you purchase a domain name, there are many other things you should consider in the price than just how much it is going to cost you to have that domain name. More and more domain name providers are setting up affordable web hosting packages that include a variety of services including providing you with software, giving you the means to buy other domain names, advertising and more.

Affordable web hosting packages include software, on some occasions, and when they do it helps you make a better website. These are software packages that are included with your monthly payment, and they give you the ability to create a website that will work perfectly on that domain name registrar’s website. You can create a great website without having to pay $700 for a high-priced piece of software meant for web hosting. Instead, you can just use what is provided to you because affordable web hosting packages include software, when you know what provider to go through.

Advertising is very important to a website and when you find an affordable web hosting package that includes this, you have found a great web-hosting provider. The reason is that to be successful with your website, you have to find ways to get the word out about your organization, views or business. That means advertising.

You have to remember that when you have a company on the internet, it is competing with billions of other websites for time from web surfers. So, you have to know how to bring those people in and a great way to do that is to provide them with the advertising to make yourself known. If you have an affordable web hosting package including that in the price, then you are going to have a great relationship with that registrar.see this website for latest news and updates.

Lastly, when you find the right web-hosting company, they may be able to provide you with other websites using different top-level domain names for you. That means if you have for a low monthly rate, the affordable web hosting packages may include, and more at reduced rates. This allows you to have a great company website that is spread over several top-level domains.

Web Hosting company

Affordable web hosting packages include a large number of add-ons, if you know where to look. Why pay too much for just a domain name when you can have software, other domains and advertising included in your price? Enjoy what affordable web hosting packages include!checkout more available information at


In this article we will explain step by step installation of the CMS (content management system) for the creation of blogs called WordPress when you use the Ipage hosting system. WordPress is arguably the best existing blogs system today, at least with regard to free solutions. Its advantages are its extreme simplicity and the ability to configure and customize every way imaginable blog.

Whether through the basic package or installing different extensions or plugins, we can get a blog with multiple advanced features. In addition, there are numerous layouts with those who set up the appearance of our blog, to achieve an attractive design almost effortlessly. You will blend the best hosting service with the best editing platform.

In our manual of blogs we will explain all details of work with WordPress on your own domain from ipage hosting, enjoy, it is quite simple and easy to get around.

Get your own domain with ipage hosting first.

Ideally, you have your own domain to install WordPress which means you need to have ipage hosting services first, before actually adding it to the wordpress. Domains are contracted through hosting companies and are usually as easy as entering our preferred hosting provider and do a search for different terms or words to get a domain that is free. Of course, it’s best to the name of your blog has to do with the topic you are thinking of developing.

The requirements that your hosting will need to install WordPress are (ipage hosting provides them all):

• Database Support
• Support for PHP
• External FTP access
• Install WordPress step by step

The first is that we have prepared the FTP and database hosting server hired for the domain. If we have not this data (which should have been delivered to hiring the service), write or call directly to the service of your hosting provider.

Once we have created the FTP access and MySQL database, which is very easy with ipage hosting, go to WordPress download area and we downloaded the latest version of WordPress. One must bear in mind that this version probably will be in English.

When we downloaded our file, decompress in an empty folder (can be the root directory publishing your hosting or any other directory where you want to place the blog) and we spent editing the wp-config-sample.php.

In this file the only thing we have to do is exchange the data from the database by which we have been provided by our hosting and put three random phrases for safety reasons.

Once the changes have modified store and exchange the file name by wp-config.php and climbed all our FTP root.


Next we type in your browser this URL:

On entering this page begin the installation, but it does not work, you may see a connection error screen, like we have below. To resolve this hypothetical error, we must review our wp-config.php file and make certain that the data are well placed.

See, it is so easy to set wordpress in your ipage hosting!

IPage Hosting Plan

10 reasons that make IPage Hosting Plan the IDEAL Ipage hosting for you! The IPage Hosting Plan invests in technology and innovation, with a modern infrastructure and highly skilled and trained professionals, all to always offer the best solutions for hosting and Data Center for you!


Not enough to have a website, you need it to be available and visible as long as possible, so you can conduct business at any time of day or night. The IPage Hosting Plan features equipment with the latest technology, with backup generators and always performs preventive maintenance. All of this ensures that your website and all your critical services are online at least 99.5% of the time. Just read iPage reviews and you will see.


The IPage Hosting Plan is located in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, but operates throughout Brazil and abroad (Japan, USA, Europe), with thousands of customers worldwide. The IPage Hosting Plan is expanding its services because it offers the best solutions not only for the mining market, but also for the world market.


The e-mail is the main communication tool of your company with its customers, it is your way of connecting with the world. Therefore, the reliability and availability of this service is of utmost importance to your business. In IPage Hosting Plan, messages are protected by anti-spam and anti-virus, bringing more security for you.


The IPage Hosting Plan is aligned with the new solutions in IT environments, investing in technology and innovation, establishing itself in the market as one of the largest hosting companies and Data Center the country with significant growth throughout its 15 years of life. The company’s growth is reflected in the growth of its customers, because the IPage Hosting Plan specializes seeks new and customized solutions so that your business is a success.for more details, visit the original source.


The IPage Hosting Plan has genuine first Data Center built under the strictest safety standards, to thereby provide the best solutions for the entire country and also abroad. The infrastructure of its Data Center, together with sophisticated equipment, advanced technology and skilled professionals guarantee high quality of services, always thinking about the best for you!


The IPage Hosting Plan values the best care for this, has a team ready to serve you and guide you with anything you need. Via free phone (0800) you can contact us whenever necessary. To make sure that there are people, not just automatic replies to serve you, it’s a guarantee that the IPage Hosting Plan offers you. Read iPage reviews and see!


The IPage Hosting Plan has a well-structured security system. Every day is tests to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The IPage Hosting Plan team is always ready to take any measure necessary in the shortest possible time, ensuring excellent control and security you need for your business.


The IPage Hosting Plan presents an extremely qualified support team, with professionals prepared to answer all your questions, always valuing excellence.get latest news and information at,2817,2479353,00.asp


The IPage Hosting Plan has several features in all application packages as advanced scripts, database, and forums systems, among others. In addition to the JSP, PHP, MySQL, PEARL. All the necessary infrastructure to provide the best services for you!

IPage Hosting Plan


The internet is a much higher return for any type of investment, because it is affordable and brings many features at a low cost. Knowing this, the IPage Hosting Plan provides several tools and services so that your site has more return and visibility. Make sure your site is in the best hosting company. Use Ipage hosting!

website hosting server

Ipage hosting took power and became popular in just two years. Right now it is one of the top 5 hosting services. Why? What is different from the rest of iPage hosting ?, you’ll know when you read the full review. More details Ipage analysis, opinions and reviews in Spanish: This web hosting company was originally an idea of Thomas Gorny, but the International EIG Group has purchased and so far the is responsible. EIG is, of course, the parent company of FatCow, BlueHost and a number of other web hosting companies. IPage Hosting has been in the web hosting business since 1998 but was not well known until its recent re-launch in October 2009, today stands as one of the largest sellers of accommodation, with far more than a million sites web housed in their data centers. The ipage reviews really don’t lie.

What you need to know about the ipage hosting plans and general features.

Essential Plan of the ipage hosting

Unlimited hosting space, unlimited data transfer Host, unlimited domains, Free Domain Registration, free SiteLock Security Suite, easy Creator Free Site Builder web & click, Shop Online Blog free Script Library Essential Plan: $ 1.68 / month and simple yet effective ipage hosting service.

WP Basic Plan

Unlimited hosting space, unlimited data transfer Host, unlimited domains, Free Domain Registration, free SiteLock Security Suite, easy Creator Free Site Builder web & click, Shop Online Blog Free Script Library, Custom Control Panel Themes and Plugins Super speed preinstalled improved in other types of plans Security can run WordPress, but this plan is optimized specifically for your web site is easier to set up, and works best with WordPress. It has custom themes, plugins improved speed and preinstalled. One thing that stands out from the competition is a sandbox test environment. This is the kind of specialized service that cannot be achieved with regular housing. This test environment allows you to test different subjects without publishing them on its website, from $ 3.75 / month.

VPS Hosting

While other websites are on the same physical server, VPS resources be devoted assigned. These resources are adjusted according to the size of your website and the traffic level you expect. This means that the web (or stop abruptly) is not locked when it starts getting a lot of visitors. At $ 19.99 / month * Dedicated Hosting Dedicated Hosting is the last kind of accommodation is available. This is where your website is in its own physical server so that 100 percent of the resources are available to you. Starting from $ 119.99 / month.

website hosting server

So the bottom line is – ipage reviews are real and very nice!

If you are looking for something really effective then this is the ideal option for you. You will have a very good ipage hosting option for a price that will really fit into your pocket and will help you make your site skyrocket, whatever your field of work is. Ipage reviews are really good to help indeed!

web hosting companies

We understand that dependence on the companies for technology increases every day more, hence the information become more vulnerable and that is why Ipage hosting is a real solution. When it comes to safety there are several aspects to worry about. Invasions, information theft, access to confidential information, access to undue sites by employees are among the main problems when it comes to information security especially identity theft.

Another very critical point is the question of back up information. It is indispensable concern in having a defined backup policy. You may not realize it, but nowadays all relevant information is recorded on computers and servers, such as contracts, financial information, marketing materials, e-mails, customer and supplier contacts and several other companies’ information. All of this is valid for your site too.

The backup is the only way to preserve and recover your lost data. Although more and more systems and devices become unreliable, information loss can occur for a number of variables, for example: Technical problems in equipment, theft, fire, user intervention, among others.

Your business survives if you lost all the information? What it would cost in value and time to retrieve this information? Ipage reviews show you that you don’t face it there.

Below we list some of our main solutions to support your company in this matter when you hire ipage hosting:

• Firewall

Firewall configuration, which will increase the security of corporate information and significantly decrease the risks of intrusion and fraud. This protects against identity theft.

• Proxy

With the adoption of a proxy server on your network will be improvements when browsing the internet with the use of cache, ie when any employee accesses a site that is stored in the Proxy server and so another employee access the same site will have more access fast, thus there will be an optimization of the Internet link as well as protection against information theft. Moreover, its main feature is the control and monitoring of internet access, the company may restrict some sites and monitor what is being accessed, improving the productivity of its employees. Ipage hosting provides it all.learn more information at this link.

• Backup Solutions

Data Backup provides the customer security and peace of mind that your company data is safe and always available. Software, hardware, backup policy and good implementation are essential to ensure business continuity without negative impacts caused by equipment failures.

• Anti virus

web hosting companies

Security is productivity factor. It is common productivity losses to have been caused by viruses and other malware. Security begins at the workstations, through all network and servers. It is very important to protect your company’s data the adoption of anti-virus software and a good installation and configuration not just for you but for your users too, that is why Ipage hosting is so reliable. Thus, confidential information such as passwords and bank details are protected. The protection in stations with a good antivirus is also important to maintain employee productivity, because if a station is infected it will remain dead until the problem is resolved and can still infect other stations if they are not properly secured. This is the best way against identity more detailed information at

If you want high quality hosting you want Ipage hosting